Frequently Asked Questions

We are the premier choice in Wedding Reception Entertainment in MA, NH, RI and ME!  Contact us for information anytime – but here are a few Frequently Asked Questions that might offer an immediate answer!

  • What style of Boston Wedding Band music do you play?

    Center Stage plays a variety of most popular styles of music – just have a look at our Song List! We can play music from the 30’s to the 90’s all the way to today’s most current hits!

  • Does Center Stage play at many weddings?

    YES! Weddings are our specialty!

  • How does the band dress for a wedding reception?

    The gentlemen in the band wear tuxes and our female vocalist wears formal evening attire.

  • How long do you typically play for?

    Our standard time frame is four hours, but additional time can be arranged depending on the date, time and location of your party.

  • How many breaks do you take?

    We only take two breaks during a four hour party. Typically, we play our dinner set until the entrees have been served. If you’re having food stations or a buffet, we play until the majority of the guests have been served. We start our first dance set at about the time the tables are being cleared from dinner. After that we only take one fifteen minute break.

  • What happens when the band takes a break? I don't want my party to stop!

    We provide music for all breaks on CD’s

  • I'm concerned about the volume of the band. How can we be sure that Center Stage won't be too loud?

    We are EXPERTS at keeping the volume just right. During dinner we play a mix of standards, jazz and easy listening at a volume that allows your guests to carry on a conversation. After dinner we adjust the volume to an appropriate level for dancing. Center Stage uses midi technology to enhance our sound, giving us a greater degree of control over the volume when compared to acoustic bands.

  • Our first dance isn't on your song list. Will you learn a special request for us?

    We’re happy to learn one or two songs as long as you provide us with a CD no later than six weeks prior to the date of your party.

  • How much will it cost to have Center Stage as my band?

    Our pricing depends on where and when you are having your party. Our base price is for engagements that are held in the suburbs surrounding Boston. Typically, we charge a bit more for Downtown Boston locations, as well as those outside of Route 495. For complete pricing options, e-mail us with the date, hours and location of your party. Be sure to leave both a daytime and an evening phone number. Your mailing address is very helpful as well. Also, be sure to tell us how you heard about Center Stage .

  • Is it possible to view the band?

    Usually it’s OK to come out to a wedding or function and view the band. You must be appropriately attired in dress clothes and behave discreetly at all times. You should try to arrive at least two hours after the function has begun (after dinner). However, each function facility has its own guidelines for viewers, including some that do not allow any viewers. It is possible that you may be asked to leave.

  • What time does the band arrive to set up prior to the function?

    Our typical arrival time is about 90 minutes before the band’s scheduled start time. If your reception requires that the band set up early (more than 90 minutes before the scheduled band starting time), we MUST know that PRIOR to entering into an Entertainment Agreement. Like all of your wedding vendors, we are professionals, but we still need to be prepared, so avoid last minute surprises. Center Stage ‘s band leader, Frank Bonanno, can give you suggestions on coordinating the timing and flow of events for your reception

  • Do I need to meet with the Band Leader?

    The event planning can be done over the telephone and via mail, fax and e-mail.

  • How will you handle the flow of events, the introduction of the bridal party and the special dances?

    You’ll receive a copy of our wedding procedure form in advance that allows you to specify how the day’s events will be handled. All of the members of Center Stage are experienced at working with event coordinators, catering staff and other vendors, so you are ensured that the day will run according to your expectations.

  • I've decided that I want Center Stage as my band. What happens next?

    We send you our Entertainment Agreement that clearly spells out the terms and conditions. Your deposit, which is usually between 33 and 50 percent of the basic charge, is due along with the signed agreement. The signed agreement with deposit must be returned to the band within two weeks of the issue date.

  • Do you have any other helpful hints or suggestions?

    Yes, here are a few:

    To create the right atmosphere, be sure to talk to the host/hostess about dimming the room lights after the dinner service has been completed. This helps to set the mood for dancing.

    The tone of the party is most often set by the Bride & Groom. If you’re dancing and having fun, your guests will follow along and have fun too. While it’s appropriate to spend some time greeting your guests to thank them for attending, don’t forget to get out there and party! Our most successful receptions are those where the Bride & Groom lead the way! It’s your party – enjoy it!

    Older guests are often very sensitive to sound, even at low volumes. Although volume is never an issue with Center Stage , please consider the preferences of your guests. When creating your seating plan for the reception, be sure to seat the older guests away from the band. They’ll thank you for it!

    Good planning and communication will enable us to do the best possible job of maintaining a smooth flow of events. Get all of your information to the band as early as possible, including your itinerary, wedding procedure form and any other special requests or dedications. If you have a special school song, sing-along or other unique song, please tell us a few weeks in advance. We know a lot of songs, but there are some that we don’t do or may not have the words for. If a song has a significant meaning to you, your family or your guests, please tell us early!

    Finally, once you’ve finished your planning, relax and enjoy your wedding day! With Center Stage , you can be assured that your entertainment will be the best that it can be!